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SUMTV provides Christ-centered programs such as Bible prophecy, end-time events, Bible interpretation, health and more.

State of the Dead.png
  • Can the dead communicate?

  • Is there an afterlife?

  • Does Hell Exist?

World religions expect a coming messiah. What if the WRONG one appears?

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Many people believe and teach that the book of Revelation cannot be understood but this simply is not true!  The truth is, you must study the book of revelation with the book of daniel or else it just doesn't make sense.  This is one of the best presentations done on these two books of the bible!


The Plan of salvation is detailed in the sanctuary.  The hebrew sanctuary of the bible is a copy of the CURRENT one in heaven.  Without a solid understanding of the sanctuary you are missing the beauty, exactness OF Christ's work and His love to rid us of sin. 

Where is jesus now?

What is he doing? 

what should we be doing right now in correlation with Jesus' work?

The answers are in this heavenly sanctuary.

This is an incredible 32-part series  

Charmed By Darkness.png

Roger Morneau was a demon worshiper who became a Christian author and prayer warrior. Family and friends testify that the battle with fallen angels is real and that prayer really can change things.

Revelation of Hope Episodes.png

Amazing photography, footage and messages from the desert, the ocean, historICAl buildings and more.  These sHORT episodes are SCENIc, stunning AND MEANINGFUL!


Exploring the idea that the spiritualism that the Bible speaks about at the end of time, is known today as UFOs, UAPs, and Aliens and will play a pinnacle role in last day events. Theorizing that this, once hidden agenda, is now revealing itself more and more each day, and will soon become an overwhelming surprise to many. Revealing that this phenomenon isn't just spiritual, but is being pushed as an agenda as seen in Wikileaks

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Here you will find interesting current event blogs along with great presentations, studies, interviews, etc.

Beware of Angels.png

It started as a Bible study and ended in murder. The Halstead murder case is presented along with other true stories about supernatural beings manifesting as angels from heaven, spirits of the dead, ascended masters and aliens.

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THe mission of It Is Written MeDIA is"...  to connect Canadians to the abundant life found in Jesus in a way that is personal and relevant."

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If you are wanting online

one-on-One Bible Study, JuanCarlos DeJesus has a ministry called cleaver of truth. Visit this site to book a study time just copy and paste the link below into your browser:

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"Encounters with “extraterrestrial aliens” are increasing and social media platforms (YouTube, TikTok, etc) are filled with reports of those who have “made contact.” Yet hidden dangers exist. Discover the facts and BEWARE"

Whitehorse media

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