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About Dr. Joyce Choe and Mercy Ballard, R.N.

Dr. Joyce Choe, MD, MPH, is a board certified ophthalmologist who has been in practice for almost twenty years. Her own health journey led to an in-depth search for answers and caused her to see the need for information and education about the growing problem of gut permeability and the amazing possibilities for improved health that a specific plant-based lifestyle can give.

Mercy Ballard, R.N, is the Director of Years Restored Lifestyle and Learning Center.  Mercy suffered may years with severe anemia, pain and fatigue, before learning about how food sensitivities and gut permeability contributed to her symptoms.  Driven by her own struggles with her health, Mercy started creating the recipes which are now the basis of this cookbook.

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Gut Health Kitchen is a YouTube channel that has short food demos. These recipes are delicious, easy to digest and high in nutrient content. Great for those with food intolerances who still want good taste!

The Autoimmune Plant-Based Cookbook

The Autoimmune Plant-Based Cookbook co-authored by Dr. Joyce Choe and Mercy Ballard, can be purchased right here at our shop (Canada only)  or (USA).

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